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Many couples dream of having children. Although this process can be tiring, it is possible to make your dream come true with lifestyle changes. One of the issues faced by couples who want to get pregnant is exercise. The good news is that increasing daily exercise can improve fertility.

Moreover, when you exercise, you will not only be active but also minimize your stress. You can have a healthier process while you are on your way to becoming pregnant.

So which exercises are fertility-friendly?

1. Walking and fertility

Walking offers many benefits, from increasing energy levels to improving muscle endurance. It helps strengthen bones and increase joint resistance. If you don’t have enough time to fit exercise into your daily life, you can try low-level walking activities. Walking exercise, which reduces the risk of obesity, provides blood flow to the uterus and can work the muscles of the uterus, helping to increase fertility.

2. Yoga and fertility

In general, yoga helps develop flexibility, strength, and balance. It is also good for back pain and is beneficial for heart health. It also supports better sleep patterns as it helps you relax. In addition, it is among the great exercises that can be done for fertility; it prepares you both mentally and physically.

3. Pilates and fertility

Pilates improves your mood while helping to increase your mobility and flexibility. It improves your overall health and is similar to yoga. It encourages the secretion of endorphins by minimizing the cortisol secreted in stressful moments. In that way, the body’s response to stress and pain becomes healthier. It eliminates factors that prevent fertility, such as stress or irregular sleep.

Moreover, it also helps with PCOS symptoms. PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and is a common condition that many women can experience, affecting the way a woman’s ovaries work and can cause hormone disruptions.

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4. Swimming and fertility

Swimming increases muscle strength and endurance. It supports a healthy weight. In addition, since almost all muscles are used during swimming, it a great full body exercise. In addition, swimming in cold water increases hormones. It is stated that there will be an increase in estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

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