How Do I Order?

All orders requires a prescription

Email or Fax your Prescription or 1-855-369-9266

Ordering Options


Your physician/ivf nurse
coordinator can either email or
fax us your prescription


If you have a PDF copy of a valid
prescription you can also email or fax it
directly to us


Once we receive your prescription we will contact you to obtain your email address to send you an itemized quote and payment options to follow.


Once we receive your prescription we will
reply back with an itemized quote and payment options to follow.

What to expect once I've paid?


As soon as payment is confirmed your order will
be arranged to ship


Shipping typically takes about 3 days


A tracking number will be
directly emailed to you.


Package will arrive with signature requirement.

Tips & Notes

Ordering with Fast IVF is quick & EASY! Follow these guidelines and we will deliver fertility
medications right to your doorstep:

  1. Follow the FDA Rules for Personal Importation of Medication:
    • Make sure orders are accompanied by a valid prescription
    • Medications must be for personal use and not for resale
    • Quantity ordered is for no more than a three month supply
  2. Order in advance. Your medications are being shipped internationally, so please plan accordingly. Although most orders arrive in 3-5 days, we highly recommend ordering a week before your treatment start date to allow for possible delays that are beyond our control such as adverse weather, delays in customs, etc.

  3. Extra needles & Syringes. Due to worldwide customs prohibitions we are unable to supply loose syringes and needles. In some cases they are sealed in the package as an integral part of the item. You can obtain extra syringes from your physician or local pharmacy.

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