If you are struggling with having a child, do not feel alone. In fact, infertility is very common in modern times. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about 10-12 percent of the US female population is experiencing problems with getting or staying pregnant. The number is even higher when it comes to getting pregnant after one year of trying. The prevalence of infertility is likely to rise even higher the more the couples wait to start growing their families.

Infertility may be the result of many different reasons, extending from age to abnormal menstrual cycles, from life-style related problems to structural issues. However, when it comes to female infertility, the most common cause seems to be the failure to ovulate. 

Unsurprisingly, increasing fertility is in the focus of many families who want to conceive. And luckily, there are certain key points that can be taken into consideration to increase your chances. Here are some natural tips to boost your fertility:

  1. Mind what you eat.

    Foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as nuts, veggies and fruits help deactivation of free radicals which damage sperm and egg cells. Similarly, cutting down on carbs, choosing healthy fats over trans fats and eating more fiber not only contribute in your wellbeing and overall fitness, but apparently in conceiving as well.

  2. Being more active in your daily life has many benefits.

    But attention: when it comes to exercise, moderation is key. While moderate exercise helps reduce your stress and decrease the risk of obesity, both of which have negative effects on conceiving, excessive exercise will increase the burden of stress on your body.

  3. Check your vitamin and mineral levels.

    Especially iron, folate and zinc. Try to get sufficient minerals via nutrition, but you could benefit from enriching your diet with additional supplements when necessary. Naturally, you should consult your physician before you start taking any pills. 

         And if you feel like you need more help than lifestyle changes, do not hesitate to get help. Modern ivf treatments can help you achieve drastic results. Check out FastIVF to easily reach effective medications to complement your prescribed treatments.

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