Kristi K., Alabama

“Hi ladies! For those of you who are self pay, I found a recommendation while back for They are an international company who ship meds all over the world, but at deep discounts compared to US prices. I did my research before using them and found that the drugs they supply are the exact same meds from the same manufacturers, but the European markets have limits on what the manufacturers can charge patients – this regulation allows them to offer meds at lower prices than US pharmacies. As I said, I did my research and also found that was the only international company the would be able to ship my medications in time for my cycle start date (I completed my order Friday morning and received my meds on Monday). I received my meds on time and everything was perfect! I had my doubts, but everything fell into place perfectly and I paid a little over 1/2 the price that the cheapest US pharmacy quoted me.”

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