How is the IVF Process?

Attempting to conceive through IVF treatment entails several steps:

  1. The ovary is stimulated to generate more mature eggs or oocytes.
  2. Egg retrieval, which is a small outpatient surgical operation that involves retrieving the eggs.
  3. Egg and sperm fertilization in a laboratory dish or by an embryologist
  4. Embryonic culture and evaluation
  5. Implantation of chosen embryos in the uterus. Embryos are sometimes transferred freshly, however, they are more typically frozen and thawed to boost success rates.
  6. Then, embryos are cryopreserved before being transferred. This mostly gives a higher chance of successful pregnancy.
  7. Other embryos are frozen in case they are needed in the future

For more information need, you must visit an IVF clinic in your state. To feel calmer on your first visit, read the article Are You Ready for Your First Visit to a Fertility Specialist? wishes you success in your IVF Journey. Please feel free to contact us for your IVF medication needs like Gonal-F, Fostimon, HMG, HCG, Lupron, and all other products.

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