Joanna S.

This was our first time using fast ivf and were hesitant using a company that was international but we are very pleased. Our doctor recommended them to save some money on our medicine and like most of use that are going through ivf we try to save money where we can if we bought meds here in the states it would have cost us triple then what we paid with using fast ivf.

My hesitation was if we would get the meds on time and if the company was legit but we decided to give them a try because if our doctor was recommended them they had to be ok. We placed an order with them on Friday July 21st and just received the package today Monday July 24th was supposed to come in on Tuesday July 25th so it was a nice surprise to see that it was going to arrive earlier then expected. Good customer service and fast delivery tracking info. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and would use them again God forbid we need to.

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