Other Names:none
Active Ingredient:Progesterone
Dosage:Vaginal Gel
15 applications
Maker:Merck Serono

You introduce a specially made gel called crinone into your vagina. It contains progesterone, a hormone produced naturally by females. One of the hormones necessary for sustaining a pregnancy is progesterone. Your doctor may prescribe Crinone if you are receiving ART and it has been found that your body does not naturally create enough progesterone for you. This will provide you the progesterone you require.

When to begin taking Crinone and how long to continue will be determined by your doctor or nurse. Crinone should be injected straight into the vagina using the custom-made sealed applicator. The applicator’s purpose is to administer a precisely calculated dose of Crinone. After use, a small amount of gel will remain in the tube. You will still be receiving the proper, measured dosage, so don’t be anxious.

Do not use Crinone:

If any of the inactive components in the gel, progesterone, progesterone-like medications, or any other substance makes you sick (ask a pharmacist if you are not sure about the inactive ingredients in Crinone).
if you experience odd vaginal bleeding that a doctor has not examined.
if you suffer from a liver condition.
if you have breast cancer or genital organ cancer that is either known or suspected.
If you miscarry and your doctor thinks there may be some tissue left in the uterus.
If you now have any, or ever had any, blood clots in your legs, lungs, eyes, or elsewhere.

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